So you want to be fashionable?

If you’re unsure about how to be fashionable, you’re not alone. Many women feel inadequate in their ability to style themselves, if the number of currently employed personal stylists were any indication.

style101 book
I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to read a bunch of books just to answer the question of “How do I be fashionable?”

I used to not be fashionable at all. I used to wear Tripp pants and terribly faded, one size too small black t-shirts. Let’s not even start on how I used to style my hair!

My fashion sense has slowly grown and evolved over the seven years since high school. Different genres of music and various communities have all altered my aesthetic as well. I’m still trying to perfect it myself, working to find the sweet spot between anime junkie, metalhead, and a dash of princess with a blue collar job. That being said, I find myself being routinely complimented on various pieces of my outfits, from blouses to skirts, to even my handbags and shoes.

I’ve also struggled to find peace with the things I wear. I’m trying to find a balance between ethics, aesthetics, and affordability. At the most recent turn in my journey I’ve decided that anything secondhand goes. Nearly all of my clothing is secondhand, with the exception of a few things that that are very curated.

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