OOTD 0001: Gucci Gucci Gucci

I work a messy job. For my OOTD I want to share how I work around that. I wear a smock over my top and accessories and gravitate towards darker pants. The smock buttons up over my shirts and scarf. I avoid wearing jewelry but do wear a waterproof watch that I can wash at the end of the workday.

The top was a Woolsworth one I scored in a Goodwill for around $6. I found the pants in a small thrift shop for $3.00.

I bought my authentic Gucci bag I got for Five Freaking Dollars from a flea market. The seller must have thought it was a Guess bag because she did have quite a few Guess products as well. My Gucci shades, on the other hand, were found in the local Uptown Cheapskate for around $60.

My plisse Hermes Brides de Gala scarf is from Ebay. I paid $100 for it. It’s not a steal, but a good price for a used Hermes. I plan to do an authenticating guide down the road for you all.

The Pebble Time Watch I bought nearly a year ago from Best Buy. I enjoy my watch but have had issues with other versions of the Pebble. As a result I must warn against any Pebbles that aren’t the Pebble time.

My Vegetarian-Shoes workboots were a birthday gift from my boyfriend’s parents.