Hermes and Calvin Klein



This is a work look that I shared a while ago. I love this OOTD.

I’m enjoying Calvin Klein a pair of slacks and tee I found at Goodwill for about $6 each. I wear my Pebble watch daily during the work week. Also featured is my plisse Hermes Brides de Gala scarf. It’s a very simple and plain outfit. You can’t see my boots in this photo, but the pants are tucked inside of them, hence the wrinkling.


  1. I like this look! I think simple is great for work… and I’m always left so impressed with the savings you manage to find! Xx

    • Thanks! I hope to share more. Also, I like to share links to ebay stuff because while I find things at thrift stores, it’s harder to find that exact thing. Sadly, it’s not as great of a deal. If you’re ever in Salisbury MD, hit me up we can go thrifting together! 😄

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