How to Gain Confidence Quickly and Easily



Where I live isn’t exactly a fashion hub. Here in Salisbury, it’s sort of a dead zone. The most stylish people around here are honestly high school students and a random older women who are most likely transplants. I’ve seen people go to the mall in their pajamas.

The thing about all these people that wear the hoodies and jeans, they’re generally unhappy looking. The people in my community look tired and afraid of being recognized by someone they know.

To me, that doesn’t strike me as taking pride or being confident in how one looks. The rare times I’ve dressed like a slob, I’ve felt like a slob and my posture and overall mood suffer for the whole day. Yes, I dress “up” to go to the grocery store just for one item. I don’t generally wear makeup for things like that, but a dress is quick and easy to put on and makes a gal look put together. It makes me walk taller and feel more prepared to run into someone I know. Physical signs of being confident demonstrate that you’re not trying to hide yourself from the world.

So my advice to you is this: The next time you go out, even if it’s minuscule, reach for something nicer to wear. It doesn’t generally take much longer to button up a real shirt than it does to zip up hoodie. A pair of slacks or skirt take the same amount of time to pull on as jeans. For most people, it’s a confidence boost to look nice.

Also get off the computer and turn off the T.V. an hour before bed. Get some extra sleep as well. You’ll feel better when you wake up. No one wants to hear this but it does help and more than you think.

This won’t help a lot if you’re undergoing severe psychological distress. If you are, you must consult your doctor. This post is more for those general blah sort of days.

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