White for a Music Festival

I had to stick the camera in a tree for this one why is my hair so blaaaahhhhh

Last month, I went to a local music festival. Local vendors were out. I bought patches for my bass case and wore white to keep cool in the heat.

  • hat- Christmas gift
  • hat clip- Corsets and Cogs
  • vintage necklace and earrings- Poshmark
  • Coach handbag- Ebay
  • dress- Bodyline
  • sandals- Goodwill
  • bracelet- A local Thrift Shop

I changed into my work boots when the musicians started to get a touch heavier. I’ll usually want to dive into a pit if a good enough one starts up, and open toed shoes in that is asking for someone to break a few toes.


    • Thank you! 😶
      s for being brave in white, I don’t drink alcohol and I always have a fresh hankie handy! 😁 I’ve also been trying to cut back on heavily dyed sodas so I try to go with sprite or water, so if it spills, it’ll wash out easily.
      Another tip, get a reusable tumbler or water bottle with a lid. If it has a wide lid you can very easily get it refilled and because of the lid, you’re less likely to spill your own beverage over yourself.
      That being said, this was a local show. It didn’t have nearly as many attendees as a show in Silver Springs or Baltimore. I wouldn’t dare wear white to a metal show up there… unless it’s my jacket. There’s no decorations on it, so I can bleach it if I need to. 😜

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