My Zenkaikon Cosplay

Disclosure: I’m a huge nerd. Literally, I got into fashion because of Lolita Fashion. More on that in another post.

I could see with fairly impaired vision with the blindfold on. The gentleman on the left legit couldn’t see anything.

A few months ago, I ordered a custom 2B cosplay(costume) online. I didn’t have any immediate convention plans in the pipeline, with the local anime convention being canceled after I placed the order. After about a month, it arrived and it fit very well. The boots are even custom and were the most comfortable heels to ever walk in.

Purely by coincidence, my best friend invited my boyfriend and I along, so I was in a rush to find something to go under the dress portion. I found a bodysuit that went under perfectly and matched the character pretty perfectly. I went into three thrift shops before finding the perfect bag at Goodwill for under ten bucks. It was black with white stitching, just like the dress.

The car ride home.

Orange juice severely leaked all over my phone and planner in my handbag. My phone was malfunctioning all day and my boyfriend isn’t a huge shutterbug, so this is legitimately the only photo of my outfit I have. Worst part of all, it was later in the day, so nothing is as it should be. My boots were wrinkly and don’t get me started on that cow-lick in the back.

Will I be re-using the aspects of this cosplay? With the exception of the handbag(given to one of my grandmas), only at conventions. The boots would go great with quite a few outfits, especially in the winter, but I don’t want to wear them out. This cosplay was a touch pricey and I want it to last for many more conventions.

You may also be asking if I ran into any creepy guys with this cosplay. The skirt is short and the slit is pretty freaking high.

The answer is one. One creepy dude dressed as Dr. Strange hitting on me out of what seemed like over a thousand people. Oh, and my boyfriend and I were literally in the middle of conversation when he came up and interrupted us. My goodness.


    • Haha yeah he was spook creepy. And dressed up like doctor strange, pretty much ruined the character for me. 😂

      And thanks! It was a custom order off of ebay, and I’m really pleased with it. I can see but I don’t have a ton of skill to make something that lit. 😅 more a mender, fit alterer, and patch adder-on-er. If you like, I can link you the shop(idk if you go to anime conventions). That said, this cosplay prompted me to get my first bodysuit, LOL. I was in a panicked rush in the mall two days before the con, I was invited the day before that, trying to find a bathing suit bottom that worked. Couldn’t find one but found bodysuits. The first one was white but thin(Charlotte russe has cute stuff but can we acknowledge it’s the WORST quality?) and I could see my nip nops through it! 😖 and I needed it to cover my butt since I didn’t have a good pair of white panties for it- I was not about to let anyone see my junk, LOL.
      I ended up finding a perfect one about a half an hour later. 😥

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