Modeling for Local Businesses



I suppose two instances of modeling makes me a small time model. The first time was for a Lolita fashion show back in May that coupled as a fundraiser. I’ll be posting about that next week!

A friend of mine has a small jewelry making business. When asked if I’d be interested in doing a shoot with her, of course I said yes. I wore a simple outfit with a lower neckline that didn’t have a loud print to be versatile. Next time I’m asked to model for something, I’ll bring several outfits for better options.

I did wear a lot of jewelry, but I figured it would be okay since things like scarves and jewelry are easy to remove, which I did, of course.

After the shoot, we met up with another friend of hers and we went to a hidden beach that every person above forty seems to know about, but no one my age has a clue exists. Since we were the only ones out there, it was like a private beach.


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