Chateau de Kawaii: Lolita Fashion Show

I super forgot to post yesterday. I had the draft in the hopper, ready to go, but here we are. As promised, my account of the day I got to be a model. Apparently it aired on local T.V. as well, but DC isn’t exactly local to my friends and family.

I had a ton of fun and felt queenly in the first look and struck me as ero-lolita. The dressing room was very much in the spirit of Lolita fashion and vouging and selfies were abound. That said, I need to work on my runway strut.

Look at my smug face.


    • The zero waste community? #zerowaste on pretty much any social media. We’re all over Instagram as well. 😁
      That said, recycling is a great first step, but it’s not the end all be all because it doesn’t help nearly as much as most people think(but it does help). That said, no one is perfect, so baby steps is the way to go. 😁

      If you want to get started with zero waste, let me know! Maybe I should write a series of posts about it? 🤔

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