Attitude is Style



Many people don’t consider how they behave on a second to second basis to be part of their style. I don’t think most people even realize it! When I tried Googling it, I couldn’t find any articles addressing this idea, so we could be breaking new ground in the style world.

If you’ve never considered it before let’s break it down.

Attitude: “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.” Source: Google

Style: “a manner of doing something.” Source: Google

They’re both essentially the same thing. Attitude goes farther with it, but style’s definition is more easily applied to inanimate objects, such as clothing. Style helps to portray the image you’re going for. If you’re a student, forced to wear a uniform with no variation(including hair cut), it’d be much harder to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Not impossible, no, but more difficult.

Enter the fact that students will always modify things. Female students will change the length of their skirts, rolling it up so the skirt is shorter, they may wear different hair accessories the school approves of but they feel is more “them.” Active girls may opt for the convenient pony tail whereas glamorous girls may give themselves a more elaborate hair style.

It becomes easier to pick out the people you think you’ll find interesting and have shared interested.

Taking this idea out of a school setting and we’re faced with the real world. Business men look very similar with subtle differences obvious enough to the discerning eye that we can gauge an idea of who earns what, who hates their job with a passion, who took the time to get ready for the day, and who is messy and scatterbrained. Subtle differences, such as watches, give the onlooker an idea of the person and allows us to judge them.

Would you rather be the person who appears wealthy, confident, and kind?

In a previous post, I discussed a quick way to boost your confidence. To sum it up, dress well and employ good posture. It’s like a little secret that no one knows about. I occasionally wear a corset to remind myself to sit and stand straight. It also forces me to bend in a way less stressful on my back during my day job.

You also need to get to know your face. Get used to looking at yourself in the mirror and practice making faces. You’ll learn to feel what expression you’re making, encouraging yourself to not make any ridiculous expressions.

Get your clothing tailored if they don’t already fit properly. Ill fitting clothing can often be too loose, encouraging you to slouch. If your top is a little bit restrictive, you’ll be less likely to over-eat and slouch because there is less fabric to accommodate for those bad habits.

High heels also make if harder to slouch. Wear a lighter and smaller handbag so it doesn’t encourage you to slouch under it’s weight.

How you carry yourself is a reflection on how confident you feel about your style.

Style fits into the category of the genres of clothing you wear. Prep? Grunge? Normcore? Those are examples of fashion styles. That tells strangers who you spend your time with and if you’re “unsavory,” someone they want babysitting their kids, or unmotivated. Your attitude, because of your style, never truly gets to shine.

If you’re normcore, your a bit of a chameleon. Stand up straight, appear friendly, and you have the potential to look like someone with a bit of street style. Say you go for that babysitting job. You’re more likely to get the position from interviewing with the parents because you appear more confident. You’re dressed to keep up with a child and now you have the confidence to go with it.

Clothes hang nicer with good posture, but you don’t want to be an attractive snob.

People are attracted to good looking people. It’s part of biology. As a result, we style our clothes to enhance our natural bodies. If you aren’t physically attractive, you’ll still draw people in with an attractive personality. So stand up straight and be kind to others. It will propel you further in social situations. I can’t think of any people that enjoy being with anyone with a superiority complex. I’ve even learned, firsthand, how people react when you look down on them(flashback to when I first went vegan about seven and a half years ago). That sort of attitude quickly leads to isolation. Seeing others as your equal will lead to many friendships and other sorts of worthwhile relationships.