Nothing to Wear? How About a Scarf?



I returned to university on Monday. It was warm and lovely out so I decided to wear a cami as my top with my Brides-De-Gala scarf over it, as a top.

Scarves as tops isn’t exactly a new idea. You may remember a certain celebrity who wore a very expensive designer scarf as a top.

My obsession with scarves is pretty well documented by now. I’ll teach you how to do this in a way more suitable for those of us who are more conservative in our fashion.

First off, I know not everyone can do this with a 35″ x 35″ scarf. I’m nearly a twig and can just barely pull it off! You need to measure your waist and use a square scarf at least a few inches larger.

Now that you’ve picked your scarf, take the bottom two corners of your scarf and tie it around your waist, leaving as much room as your can. Take the top two corners and tie them behind your neck for the halter neck.

Voila! You’re wearing a cute top!

What are your favorite scarf hacks?


  1. Recently I got a scarf and I am wearing it on each part of my body or as an addtion to other clothing pieces all the time. Love your post <3
    Have a good week!

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