Are You Wearing T-Shirts Wrong?



Odds are you own one of these.

Maybe not this brand and perhaps a different cut for your neckline, but still essentially the same basic garment. And they’re exactly that, basic.

Not that I’m saying they’re all bad, but let’s take a look at what makes a t-shirt bad and unlikely to withstand the test of time.

masiaone tshirt

1. Huge art

I used to be victim to this ages ago. Kid me rocking those Yu-Gi-Oh! shirts was straight up a fashion crime. The art tends to not be tasteful but rather BAM! IN YOUR FACE! A tasteful tee has a more minimal approach to it. If it does have a big design on it, it’s more reminiscent of a pattern on fabric that something slapped on a tee. My hisoka emoji tee is one I keep going back to despite the emoji trend being long over. Extra points on the terrible tee decoration if the design has a plastic feel to it.

2. Time specific

Unlike your goals, tees shouldn’t have a time specific message on them. Tees that say America 2013 with a huge decal become a very limiting part of your wardrobe. Probably the only thing that is exempt from this are band tour shirts. Even then, they still have to be worn with dignity and thoughtfulness.

3. Political statements

These are also limited in the way of time. You habe a limited opportunity to wear them, and odds are they won’t wear out before that time is up. I believe protesting is important but I feel like the traditional protest sign is probably the best way to show your positions, especially for personal safety in some parts of the country.

Slim Skater
4. Weird decals

This is for the usually glossy and plastic feeling decals. They often sink through the fabric from their manufacturing process and can be felt against your skin. It’s stiff, hot, sticky, and is a sign of a poorly made shirt. Let’s not even get into how they peel off. Run far away from these and look for something better made.

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You can't stop this.
5. Oversized or undersized

Far too often I’ll see people wearing tees that are far too large on them, making it look like they’re swimming around in them, or I’ll see every bulge on their body and worry about the seams of their shirt. You want to get a well made tee that drapes over your body in a way that feels good and is a bit longer than the average Wal-Mart tee. That will help to lengthen you and make you look slimmer and a touch taller. Sometimes this means shopping in the men’s department if you’re a woman.

6. Excessively thin material

This is something I’ve only seen on women’s tees, even as concert merch. They add a bunch of stretch to the material and make it much thinner. I’d rather wear a men’s small than a woman’s medium, namely because the fabric is more durable. The really thin stuff will start to develop holes quickly and if the shirt is something like a band tee, which is a bit of a trophy when it’s your favorite band, you don’t want that falling apart on you!

If you keep all of these issues in mind, you’re bound to find a tee you enjoy. Odds are, unless it’s a subtle reference to something cool, you won’t be complimented on your shirt, but that’s because it is what it is. A basic, a foundation, a building block. I can’t think of a single time I’ve seen someone’s house and complimented the foundation it sits on. I’m more likely to compliment the landscape, the furniture, or the shutters. They’re accessories to a well made house to making it a home reflecting the owner. That’s exactly what you’re looking for in an outfit.