Mother Earth News Fair Pt 1

Remember how I said I would post Tuesday? Looks like I needed more recovery time than that.

So how does one tackle a fair or convention(it was much more like the latter, not that I mind, I love conventions)?

First, you need a bag that you can handle all day. It was a no-brainer for me to leave my heavy and bulky Gucci bag at home. I grabbed my Henri Bendel bag for the trip and brought along my red stainless tumbler. Pro-tip: the tumbler was a mistake! Bring something that seals completely so you can put it in your bag. That said, it wouldn’t have been an issue if I wasn’t vlogging.

my gear for saturday

What does an eco-convention have to do with living luxuriously? I think the answer lies with living our values. For instance, I very seldomly buy anything new- it’s usually secondhand to avoid giving money to companies that I feel exploit others. I feel posh when I look good but know that I’m preventing things from hitting the landfill prematurely and not giving money to companies that harm their employees or critters for the sake of cheaper fashion that just looks cute. When I get a brand deal, you can be sure that the company is doing good for others.

I didn’t take a ton of photos, namely because I vlogged way more. I snapped photos of things that I thought looked interesting, however. The copper still looks to be hammered, hence the dotted appearance to it’s surface.

I wanted to ride this, but decided I’d rather save my $9 and use that towards my tiny $10 cup of soup- there wasn’t much there in the way of food trucks.

mostly thrifted, reusable bag, eco chic?

My look is one that I’ve used before but I know it works. It’s comfy and looks good. The big bag is one of my reusable chico-bags. I’d recommend them to anyone in need of reusable bags because they’re quite durable and collapse down into a key-chain very swiftly. Also, Mohops are bae. The Mother Earth News Fair was massive, so I did a lot of walking.

If you want to see more of what it was like, check out the vlog! I’ll try to have day two up soon, but it’s been a rather rough week and I’m trying to get all of my life back on track, namely my sleep schedule and homework.