Fashion Manifesto




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It was recently brought up in a conversation on another fashion blogger’s Instagram that a lot of fashion bloggers have a tendency to wear things once and never again. They delete comments and all sorts of sketchy things come about because of that. That horrifies me.

Since I try to live by my values in terms of an ethical and sustainable lifestyle, I decided it would be best for you to all know the manifesto that I created when I decided to do this blog. So, you know, I don’t compromise on my values for a quick buck, if I ever got big enough for a brand deal. Note: I’ve been approached for one already but they refused to answer my questions about ethics and sustainability so I declined their offer. I like my thrifted Gucci sunglasses more anyway. 🙂

My Manifesto

I refuse to engage in brand deals that don’t have at least a large portion of their company involved in something ethical, sustainable, or locally owned. It doesn’t need to be all three, but it’s sure as heck optimal.

I refuse to support unfair labor practices where possible- this is part of why I almost exclusively purchase secondhand.

I will never recommend a product that I don’t believe is worth it. It’s lying and I’d rather give my honest opinion. If I recommend a product, whether I bought it myself or not, or if it’s due to a company giving me it to review, I will always do so honestly.