“We Take Resources Seriously.”

Saw this when leaving my university class.

The skeptic within me is loud with this one. Do they make recycling mandatory? What do they do to circumvent their clients

sending everything to landfill? In this area, where recycling is pitiful at best, what else are they doing because the trash mountain(landfill) near where I live grows taller and taller each day.

Or are they really just serious about collecting as many waste-producing customers as they can in order to make as much money as they can? Greenwashing is everywhere and we must be careful not to fall prey to a product or service because it’s painted green and white and says it cares.

I don’t need their services, so I’m not going to bother going to their website. This is more an exercise for all of us to sharpen our critical thinking skills and be wary of corporations that say one thing but seem to be doing another thing entirely.