A Year of Blogging!

Its been a year and a few days since I’ve started this blog(July 3rd 2017) and I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve been blogging since I was 13. I started on the now defunct Xanga and now I’m here. I feel as if I’ve always had a blog.

Now I vlog and write and do all sorts of things. I’ve also had some success and a few brands have reached out to collaborate with me(but none of them have been to my standards šŸ˜’).

I’ve found the months that Thrifted Luxe pulls in the most views is when I post regularly, two to three times a week. I had a month where my blog’s stats went up so dramatically I thought that if I kept it up, it could be a career!

My stamina wouldn’t let me, however. I have a bad habit of running from success whenever it comes too easily. So the blog languished a bit over the few months following that boom.

Perhaps I want to be more free, like a cat, to post whenever I want. I don’t know. I do know I enjoy blogging and lolita fashion, and vlogging, and all sorts of goofy things. I want to come back to blogging regularly but I find without internet at home, vlogging feels easier. I record a snippet here and there- I slap them together. Boom, a vlog. I convert the video, copy it to my phone and upload whenever I have Wi-Fi.

My computer loves to download updates when tethered to my phone, despite marking that it’s a metered connection. So blogging and scheduling posts on the computer is a pain. Typing on my phone(like now) leads to copious amounts of typos, not to mention that I can’t tick all the plugin boxes I’d like to get my posts juuuuusssttt right.

So I’ve been going with what has the least friction. Which is okay I guess. I just don’t like not having more say over my files on YouTube.