What’s in my Overnight Bag?

It’s not exactly a secret that I leave home overnight fairly regularly. I love these mini overnight trips and I’ve gotten pretty good at packing for just the next day. Longer stays away, however, I’m not so good at.

So what are essential when you need to pack for an overnight trip?

Clothes for the next day, obviously. I’ve packed a multiway skirt/dress for this trip and under it are my underwear. Don’t forget clean drawers! I feel like it goes without saying but I’ve forgotten once or twice and am horrified to have to wear a pair two days without washing.

I have fresh ribbons for my Mohops but you might want to bring a pair of shoes to match your outfit, or pick ones that match the day before. I have a belt to try with the dress along with some basic but loud jewelry- the dress has a simple silhouette so it’ll bring vibrancy.

My vlogging camera, my phone and my watch are crazy essential for me.

Also a necessity for me is a book, my kindle, or my Playstation vita. Today I just have a book.

Don’t forget a fresh handkerchief and your makeup(if you wear it). The handkerchief is one of my favorite zero waste tools.

In the top pocket is my laptop which I’m typing this on, along with my charger.

I usually pack my safety razor but since I shaved the night before I didn’t bother. I always am sure to have my toothpaste and tooth brush.

And let’s not forget my phone’s charger. That’s also VERY important!