Three Years to an Eco Life Week 1- Capsule Garden

I promised to make one change each week to live a more sustainable lifestyle and share it with you, so here I am!
Week One:
I planted things.
Initially I planted a baby cactus in a cell phone charm(I would transplant it as soon as it outgrew it) but as luck would have it, the bottom fell out and I’d lost not only the cactus but the bottom of the charm as well.
What a failure! I searched my steps, fearing I’d unwittingly released a peice of plastic to forever live in the eco system and break down and kill some unsuspecting wildlife. Obviously, I was mortified.
Thankfully I found the plastic peice and I’m still unsure of how it slipped off. It has been incredibly difficult to remove intentionally but needless to say, I won’t be reusing that one again unless it’s hanging from my rearview mirror.
The baby cactus, no longer than a grain of rice, vanished.
I decided I still wanted to plant something so after I got home I pulled out my seed germinating charm and got to work. I planted kale seeds and with my trust in the threaded base, the seeds sprouted(much to a coworker’s delight 😊). I’ll be transplanting them into a little pot tomorrow as I promised this particular charm to my friend on Friday. Now, I need to source healthy dirt for a little bit about the size of a can.

Why kale? It’s a green that likes cooler temperatures and I can keep picking it when the leaves are tender so it won’t grow to a massive size- ideal for growing in a camper. Maybe I’ll enjoy some steamed kale in time for Thanksgiving!
I found the exact charm that made me so excited about sprouting plants in a cell phone charm capsule nearly a decade ago and ordered it. I’ll be sure to do a review of it when it arrives- the one I have seems to be a cheaply made knockoff. I’ll know for sure soon enough.
What to plant in my new charm? I’m considering buying aloe seeds- I use a lot of fresh aloe for my skin.