Lifestyle Lolita Weekly

As is totally not a secret, I wear lolita fashion. I often don petticoats and wear pastels. I go to local meetups, host a podcast, and with the online comm, I run deviants from the online community. To sum it up, I’m an active member of the lolita community.

Not my best coord but my most recent

I’d love to be able to wear only lolita fashion, but that’s not feasable with my day job for safety and staining reasons.

So what’s a lolita to do?

Perhaps this makes me a newbie, despite several years in the fashion. I don’t care. I’m going to go for it. I’ll get in touch with the femininity I denied myself as a child and nothing can stop me.

I found several sources of lifestyle lolita lists. I’ve decided that emphasizing one thing a week won’t overwhelm me and I’ll have more fun with it. Not to mention it makes my sustainability shift less stressful.

Naturally, I’ll cite which idea came from where. If you want to do the challenge yourself, or a variant, you should check those lists out.

How long will I do this challenge?

I calculated the lengths of the three lists and did some math.


That’s nearly 11 years of material, provided there aren’t any repeats(there are quite a few). There’s also many other mini challenges other bloggers and YouTubers share. I’ll also participate in those as well!