Three Years to an Eco Life Week 2- Minimalism

My home has been quite a wreck as of late. Since we’ve redone the roof, I hadn’t had the energy to get my place cleaned up.

While my home is not 100% as of yet, I have managed to improve it easily tenfold. The box and bag of things I had to resell I took to an eBay reseller to list for me and I’ve filled up a box and reusable grocery bag with things to donate.

I’ve also implemented a one in, two out rule for the time being. This goes for anything, fun things, important things, and as of tonight, food(I have to finish two things before buying something else). I first heard about this rule/challenge from The Minimalists. It seemed easy enough to do over a longer period of time, although this rule, by necessity, is not a permanent one. I’m free to change it as needed.

This week, for nonconsumables, I bought two things. That means four things have to go.

I could have simply decided to consider everything I’m getting rid of already as the four things but if I was going to commit I needed to pick two things to get rid of.

I decided that for the aux cable and handbag(which is 100% my aesthetic), I would get rid of one of my selfie sticks, a spool of cheap ribbon I’ll never use, a USB hub I seldom use and can get by fine without, and a ring light i bought for Youtubing in my former bedroom with poor lighting and dark walls- not a problem in my camper.

I’m excited about this step and am wondering what my next step will be.

What have you done to be more sustainable this week? Comment down below and it might become one of my steps, too!