Three Years to an Eco Life Week 4- Bags

This week has been an odd one.

Like all eco life goals, I’ve been planning one change and inadvertently doing something entirely different.

This week I stopped accepting plastic bags.

I own a Walmart bag full of other plastic bags, so I’ll be reusing those(I’ve never just trashed them unless they were severely damaged). I’m debating if I should use them for the garbage I’m still producing or instead make things like wallets and such out of them, using paper to- go restaurant bags for my trash. 🤔 If you know the most eco option I’d love your thoughts on the matter!

That said, I haven’t really used cloth bags either. Instead, for the bits and bobs I bought, I used my handbag or hamds to carry them to my car and in my camper.

Not terribly revolutionary, but still an important step. If stores charged money for disposable bags, I feel as if I’d learn really fast how to not be lazy.

I also haven’t found a super cute pastel fold up shopping tote that I adore yet. I like the kind that goes into a little attached pouch and clips to your bag, making it extra tricky.

If there was one that folded into a star or heart shaped bag, I’d be LIVING.