Earth Day 2019

Now that Earth Day is over, I wanted to share what I did to mark the occasion.

I lived my life like the way I normally was, forgetting to bring along sustainable options, like I often do.

But this time I made a note of the things that it’d have been handy to have and I made a list.

Now every morning before leaving, or evening before bed, I can double check my bag to ensure it is packed and ready for the next day to minimize my chances of being caught without something important and waste-preventing.

I’m thinking of ordering a mini stasher-bag too, to collect any of the garbage I generate to do the jar challenge again!

I know I haven’t posted much. A bunch of family has subscribed to the blog and for some reason that always makes me feel as if I’m under a microscope. As a result I shy away from it. I’m hoping to start posting maybe three times a month. Once to update y’all with the sustainable changes I’ve made to my life, a second to share all my coordinates(in case y’all aren’t into Instagram), and maybe once to share something I’ve done and enjoyed through the month that I’d love to chat about with others(including family).

In other news, today I’m giving a presentation on the western online lolita fashion community(specifically the Amino group) and how the community affects identity. A couple of friends were ecstatic at the idea of me wearing lolita while giving the presentation when I mentioned it in passing. So, here’s the coord I have picked out. Changing after work when it’s not into pajamas is annoying, so the friend in my class better appreciate it. 😤