Day 1

Yesterday I posted about following along with A Zero Waste Life by Anita Vandyke. She presents a 30 day challenge to reduce readers’ waste by 80%. I thought her idea behind having three different levels of difficulty was rather brilliant and decided I’d opt for the hardest difficulty.

As I listened to day one of the challenge(I have the audiobook because I’m impatient and had the Audible credit) I felt confused. There only seemed to be one level. So I supose that is what I must do.

Why do I want to go zero waste? Several selfish reasons, honestly.

1. Trash in one’s home begets bugs and I am not a fan of bugs.

2. The visual of garbage in my environment stresses me out.

3. Climte change has the potential to hurt all of us, no matter our socioeconomic bakground and it needs to be acted upon swiftly. (Buisness Insider &

4. I live in a coastal area close to sea level(only 28 feet above). Family as near as 25 miles away in Deal Island regularly deal with a ton of flooding. I also work in this town, enjoy my accidentally eco job quite a bit, and don’t fancy the idea of picking up and moving any time soon. Most of my friends and family live around here and the idea of us all being displaced is horrifying.

Have you considered a more sustainible lifestlye? How come?