Bento Boxes, Roses, and Underskirts

In my most recent push to eat cleanly and become healthier I started making bento again.


While it’s not spectacular, my favorite one so far is this spaghetti bento. I think I’ll start sharing my favorite bento of the week with every post.


I found this bouquet in Walmart of all places. It matched my skirt and I was LOSING IT.


I also started dabbling in designing my own lace! I’m building up off of a pre-made cotton lace I found in the dollar store!


As I was on holiday last week, I wore lolita EVERY. SINGLE. DAY… except Friday, I wore one of literally three non-lolita dresses I own. That said, Friday morning I deconstructed an old Bodyline lolita skirt that was the wrong shape and looks funny over my crinoline into an underskirt. It looks far more relaxed this way, too. I know my wallet is more relaxed. Underskirts, even secondhand, run for around $50 USD and this skirt would have resold for at most $20. That alone negated any guilt I felt from assailing a lolita skirt.

Now, all I need to do is concoct one with black fabric.