Trying, Failing, Trying Again

So my last attempt at eating healthier didn’t result in my losing weight, and my savings account is still looking rather abysmal.

I decided to join Weight Watchers and see how that goes. I’ve logged every single thing I’ve eaten, and each week I’ve gone over on points. That said, the first week I lost 3 pounds! Since I’m much closer to the points goal this week, I anticipate a larger loss.

My doctor wants me to get away from the nearly overweight side of the BMI chart, I want to fit more comfortably into brand again. Let’s keep hoping for wins!

As for my budget, I just hadn’t been keeping it at the front of my mind. Last week I’d created a custom watchface for my smartwatch with my goal weight and a picture of the weight watchers charms they give out(rather than a skinny person as a goal image, haha). I decided to make an easily customizable watchface for myself with my goals, the date I want to achieve them both, how far I’ve come and how much further to go. As you can see, most of the watch face is static, with the weekly adjustment bits being handwritten.

Also, the background image is NOT mine. For visualization many guides suggest cutting images from magazines, but as the ring and various charms are all goals of mine to earn(swap the 5k charm for my goal of doing the yearly 100 mile bike ride and we’re there) I figured it would be ok to use for myself. It felt like lying to change the image to something different entirely, but if she asks me to, I’ll change it.

Check out Melissa Dishes, she’s the butt kicker who did the hard work already.

Photo Credit Melissa Dishes

I’ve also been tatting up a storm in my free time, and made my first official piece for someone else! Not just a little bit or bob, but a full-on accessory! I think it’s even lovelier on my friend than in the photo, but I’m also tickled to death with how it turned out. The first vine I tatted was much too big for the French clip, but I gave her that as well, in case she wishes to affix it to another accessory later on.

Once I reach my winter goals, I intend to attempt zero waste again, but for now I’m choosing to focus on no more than two harder projects.