Discontent and Savings

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been feeling a bit discontent with how my savings progress has been going.

I had saved over 10 grand over the course of a couple measly years. It wasn’t even hard. I just did it.

The mindset I was in, however, was that of instability. I was laid off back in 2011 from my first job. When I was finally hired after 9 months of searching and hunting I was petrified about money and not having enough. An emergency fund was all I could think about. I’d saved far more than I needed for it(at the time) and when I’d had enough of my old car giving me grief I upgraded to a newer used car and used cash.

After that purchase I struggled to rebuild. Then I bought the camper. And I’m still struggling to rebuild my savings.

I think it’s because I feel secure in my job but that feeling is a mistake. One should never feel secure in their job when they don’t have a 6 month to a year emergency fund, at least that’s my perspective. I felt secure at that first job and then suddenly I was hunting for a quality job for 9 months and I almost ran out of money.

This discontentment has been eating at me for a while, I’ve not been feeling secure. I know I’m not in any danger of getting kicked to the curb in my job any time soon, but I could always get hurt and be unable to work, even that is enough to scare me.

To couple this with a feeling of frustration of not having a lot of space and perpetually feeling like I don’t have enough room in my camper(my home to those of you new here), and wanting to embrace minimalism with the added ideal of wearing lolita fashion perfectly and constantly trying to fine tune my wardrobe and lifestyle to meet the high standards of the community is getting to me.

Then I watched this video:

I nearly cried.

A “No Spend” sounds like exactly what I need. An extended break from spending in order to center myself and get where I need to be with my finances.

But there’s the issue of my friends and partner. They will likely be the trickier part of this whole break from buying things as they will also be affected by this.

So I’ve made some consessions in the challenge. A small amount to eating out for the weekly gatherings with friends, pretty much just enough for a small appetizer. Plus, a larger monthly amount for one outing to a nicer restaurant, the movies, etc.

Gift giving is my main love language and I will be darned if I can’t gift people things. I have cut the budget in half, however, meaning it is a reduction.

I might cut Youtube from the budget and return to the ads version as I do have access to Netflix and now have “unlimited” data but I will hold off on that until January 1st. Crunchyroll, however, is something my partner and I use a fair amount, so that’s sticking around.

And I do consider WW a necessity right now. I’m making great progress where I wasn’t before, and once I make it to my goal and attain lifetime membership, the price will drop.

I was planning to wait until my birthday to start. A project to do in my 27th year, and then I heard about No-Spend-November. I decided tracking my finances and doing monthly updates about how that goes is a smart move to share how it’s not only affecting my life but also my finances.

Then, Thursday, as I was in line at WW waiting to weigh in, I saw a silicone, microwave-safe, popcorn popping bowl. I briefly considered checking the price but then remembered a post I’d seen when going through my saved Instagram posts and decided against it.

I think it’s safe to say I’m starting to work towards the frugal mindset I need to recapture. I’ll keep honing it in throughout the rest of October and officially start my challenge in November.

Officially I want to do this through the start of the new year but part of me really wants to see just how long I can keep it going for. Could I keep it going for a whole year? I bet, considering I’ll be starting it at the toughest time of the year, I could if I can make it through the holidays!

I’m sorry, when I make it through the holidays.

Anyone else brave enough to try a no-spend year with me? Just the two months? No Spend November?