No Spend November

Its finally started! I have a lot of things I’m waiting for in the mail, which feels like it defeats the purpose, but as I get used to not spending, it’ll help me fall into the No Spend Year.

I feel kinda weird knowing I won’t be able to buy anything extra, yet I’ll be able to take out a little bit of cash for my phone bill and groceries.

I disconnected my payment method from my eBay account. I have one book I need to buy for Kindle for class, along with dish soap. 😅

I suppose I’ll share every single thing I do buy as a form of accountability?

Last night, my partner and I went to see the new Terminator movie to celebrate my impending birthday and it was really enjoyable. My theater usually has showings the night before the official release day, so it was a bit of a celebration of all that.

I’m hoping this year will make me more creative as opposed to consumptive.