I’ve been struggling to keep my home tidy for a long while. It’s a dragon I’d really like to slay, if you will.

I’m leaving Youtube for a while, as videos take a long time to produce. If I can’t keep my home tidy, then I have no business showing off my home. Instead I’ll record tidbits of my tidying progress from week to week. Maybe I’ll make a compilation video of the process to share I manage to keep my home perfect for 6 months straight.

As a child, I lived in a messy household. I felt embarrassed to have friends over. After all, the home was in a terrible state, even when I kept my room comparably clean. The bathroom felt icky whenever I used it. Off the top of my head, at least seven family members have a tendency for slob-like living.

I told myself I was better than that. Arguably I still am, at least I regularly clean my shower and toilet. Regardless, my home has still become awful, messy and I need to find a way to permanently reprogram my brain. It’s mostly just clutter, but clutter leads to other problems, which I do not want developing in my home.

The difficulties I’m struggling with, the programing coupled with a very busy lifestyle, simply mean I may need to work fifty times harder than most to keep my home clean.

I recently took over the EGL group in Habitica. I’m hoping that will motivate me to work harder at my home-centered tasks. If you want to join, here’s the link.