Bad Timing

Last night was a joint birthday party with another friend. My partner and I arrived fifteen minutes before the start time.

As it’s poor manners to arrive early to a party and neither of us had a chance to eat dinner, we went to the nearby Five Guys.

I spent about $13 for two drinks and a large fry to share. It violates the spirit of the no spend challenge, but considering the circumstances, I don’t regret it. I’ve spent less than $40 on food this week, and if not for this snack it would have been less than $20.

I still think that’s a really good first week, and I stayed way under my $50 a week food budget. I may have failed but considering all the other times I’ve told myself “No” these past 7 days, I refuse to abuse myself over this. It’s huge progress.

Now, without any more stragglers arriving in the mail, and the last of my birthday gifts to come tomorrow, the absense of excessive consumerism is going to feel more pronounced.

I’m not sure if I’m ready.