Ita Phase

It’s not exactly a secret that I can’t coordinate outfits for shite. But I think I’m improving. I know the basic rules, but my eye hasn’t quite developed enough to get me out of the “ita phase”.

I’m in a private lolita Facebook group. The admin created a thing called “Makeover Monday.” I love it. I’m getting honest feedback that’s critical. It’s a tough pill for most to get criticism, but I would basically beg on Closet of Frills for concrit. I was still hard pressed to get comments, much less advice on how to improve.

This group answered my prayers to essentially tell me my coords are ita(that means bad). But not only that, they actually have advice on how to improve.

I’m excited, and I had a nice long chat with the moderator on Messenger about things I was eyeing and if the things I wanted to add to my holiday wishlist(per recommendations of styles). Also, I drafted up a few headdresses I’d like to make. Here’s to hoping they work well with my main pieces!

I’m going back to basics with the fashion as well, and reading the older guides. I saved a handful of articles to my Instapaper, but I’ve pasted the links if you’d like to read them.

If you look closely, it’s pretty obvious what my search term was on Google.

Worst case scenario, I’ll never be able to coordinate to save my life, and I’ll be stuck with wearing sets from brands. It’s not the worst fate, but what’s the fun in that?