Tidy Home Goals

Today, I listened to few episodes of A Slob Comes Clean’s podcast. Noni mentioned how us listeners should create an idea of what we want our home to look like. The catch? Perfect all the time is not a good answer.

So I brainstormed my goals and came up with 5.

  1. To have my partner come over any time and feel at ease.
  2. To host dinner parties and not fret over the actively generating mess as we all eat and use dishes and my guests spread out with their stuff.
  3. To comfortably have a guest be able to sleep over at the last minute. Dinner parties can go late and I also have a few friends who live a few hours away.
  4. To have guests easily locate things like ibeprofun, antacids, or snacks without my coaching, if they need to.
  5. To be able to come home after a long day or trip and not worry about a mess that needs cleaning.

They all rank high for me, with the first and last goals being the most important. My partner is a very tidy person, so my messiness is bound to make him uncomfortable.

Despite my anxieties, when I look at before photos versus my home now, it’s a world of difference.

I have yet another donation box started, but all these, and then several more bags of donations, are gone from my home.