Frilly Fashion 101- Where to Shop

The whole reason I set out to create a beginner’s guide to lolita fashion (Frilly Fashion 101) is because I keep getting questions in my Habitia guild of “Is *insert hyper obscure potentially not even alternative fashion themed website here* safe to buy lolita dresses from? They’re not asking about sites like Milanoo anymore like on the old sites. Here’s the lowdown on safe places to order lolita fashion easily, for the newbies out there.

So is X website safe?

Odds are, if you have to ask if an online shop is safe to buy from, the answer is NO. That said, do feel free to comment with shops you want me to double check to ensure they are a safe site to buy lolita fashion from. Then, I can verify for you with other veteran lolitas. Feel free to click the hyperlinked text. It’ll take you directly to the site!

Photo taken at a swap meet

The List:

This list doesn’t contain even one eighth of all the places to buy lolita fashion from, but it is a living guide that I will strive to keep updated so you don’t have to guess if a particular site is a scam or legitimate.

Happy Shopping!