How the EGL Fashion Community is Handling COVID-19

Since COVID-19 has really hit my region, I’ve been leaning into my online communities. Namely the EGL communities. Funnily enough, we’ve become more social than ever!

Seeing the community come together over this has been beautiful. Many lolita comms(smaller, usually local, communities) are hosting online meets, meaning members that live hours away can easily attend the meetups! The big community near me(100 miles away) is having a meet-up today! If something doesn’t pop up, I’m certainly attending.

Many lolitas are doing virtual twinning, and I also got to participate! There’s so few local lolitas, that twinning(matching) other lolitas can be a bit tricky.

I didn’t get permission from my lolita twin to post here, so you’ll have to hit up my Instagram to see her coord!

There’s also a new challenge by the Fabled Fawn going around, and more lolitas than I’ve ever seen are posting coordinates. Most of them are absolutely beautiful and I recommend checking out the Instagram tag for fashion inspiration!

I haven’t personally participated in the challenge, being an essential employee makes it tricky to don a full coord every day, but I’ve been taking advantage of the slowed nature of the world and wearing lolita fashion(EGL) at least once on the weekends. I’m also teaching another lolita how to make lace through Instagram!

I avoid sharing photos of other lolitas to this site because many of us don’t like our pictures being shared without consent.

Now that it’s warming up again, I’m taking coord photos outside. The background seems kind of boring when paired with other outfit shots, but I need to set up a lovely background in my camper to take indoor photos in the winter.

How is the pandemic affecting your fashion? Is it giving you more opportunities to feel dressed to the nines or are you taking a comfier approach and enjoying your pajamas more? I know elegant pajamas are on my wish list.

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  1. Yeah! My comm recently had a virtual tea party and the idea is awesome for the future even when this is over for the members of my comm who are chronically ill and can’t always attend regular meetups

    • Agreed! One of the members of the DC comm was also talking about that, I regret that it didn’t cross my mind when I was writing this post. šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø with how many meetings just ending up lingering in one place or wind up with a ton of walking too- it hurts even in comfy heels after a few hours, I can’t even imagine how frustrating a more severe medical issue is for those lolitas! šŸ˜°

      I think it’d also be great for parents(they don’t need to stress about sitters, getting their kids ready, etc). And a huge fuel/money saver! No money on transit, no cost for eating out or drinks. How many of us are broke? Most of us have been there at one time or another. šŸ˜…

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