Neko Maneki and Human Rights (Lighthearted)

So I had ordered a Neko Maneki charm to wear on my old thrifted* Pandora bracelet some time ago. It’s an official Pandora charm and I’m still trying to understand the nuances of how to take care of a lucky cat to help a wish come true, but it’s my understanding that each one essentially gets one wish, colors correspond to different things, and you have to take care of it daily- something I didn’t do before with the ones I have already. I hope they’re appreciating that I’ve finally come around. šŸ™‡šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

I’ve taken to asking my gold one every time I get in my car to guide me to good financial decisions(as gold is supposed to encourage crazy wealth)

Silver being close to grey supposedly means a good travel trip and attracting helpful people. It also holds a little pink heart, which is supposed to be helpful for relationships.

Considering this no spending challenge and attempt to become as low waste as I possibly can in a place with minimal bulk options as a whole as literal journeys, it’s comparable to a trip. A bit of a stretch but hey, if this lucky cat helps me enjoy the process more, attracts people with similar goals and values(helpful), and somehow gets my partner more on board- I can’t exactly ask for anything else, now can I? šŸ˜…

It will stay on my wrist to serve as a helpful reminder to make good decisions in regards to my goals.

Now for the part about human rights.

It’s fairly impossible to hide from all that is going on. I usually avoid the news because it does rachet up my anxiety and depression to staggering highs and I legitimately can’t cope in my daily life. I get it, I’m weak, no one needs to tell me that.

I’m grieving for our country and the families who have lost loved ones, and I know I’ll never truly understand.

But I’m taking a break from most social media to center myself and control my interactions with it for my own mental health- I cannot be a good alley if I am not thinking clearly through my depression and anxiety.

So I added a book I saw recconended on another Instagrammer’s feed to my library holds list-considering I literally just banned myself from spending money.

This is… AWESOME!

So I won’t be able to read this for about 6 months, unless the library buys more digital copies. How is that good?

It means 359 other people have a chance to learn and grow as well. And in a place like the fairly redneck and conservative eastern shore of Maryland? That’s HUGE.
In the mean time, I will find other books to read and keep following people(Patrick Rhone is able to do this and hasn’t once made my depression worse) who post thought provoking content so I can be a better ally.

If you have any reccomendations, I’d love to check them out.

Also, I cohost a historical romance novel reviw podcast (Petti Party). As my friend/cohost and I are both very much white women, I felt it was important to add a historical romance novel taking place during the Civil War. One thing we loved about the first book we read for our podcast is how the time and setting played a huge role in the actions characters took and wasn’t just a pretty backdrop.

Depressingly, there were only TWO African American historical romance fiction books available through my library(how many more had the keyword for England? 156… let that sink in), AND they were by the same author. This is NOT OKAY. I’m planning to reach out to them and request more, so I’ll need to find some more that look like they’d be excellent reads.

*$15 USD from a consignment shop that specializes in name brand stuff- it’s one of my favorite places to shop for gifts for “older” women, too. šŸ˜…