The Visiting S.O.

It’s been an interesting week, full of stressors, but also fairly peaceful and relaxing.

I’ve spent a LOT on groceries, namely because I went into a local Food Lion to buy a few things for my partner. I hadn’t stepped foot in one for around a month and a half, meaning I was low to out of some products I really like. I’ve mostly pivoted my shopping to bi-weekly trips to the farmer’s market and the Japanese grocery store. I did stock up on a number of mock meats that are perfect for my bento lunches(I blog my lunches on

My bjd, Lenya, playing with her tamagotchi, in my tiny tidy abode.

I was also in a flurry getting my home tidied up before he visited, but the bulk of the preparation time was literally grocery shopping, weedwhacking around my camper, emptying the blackwater tank, and taking a shower as I worked up quite the sweat. It wasn’t a wasted effort. My partner said he’d felt more relaxed in my space than ever before. I’ve been trying to keep everything clean and tidy, so it was heartening to hear, as it’s a skill I’m still learning and building. Maybe, when I feel more confident in my tiny-homemaking skills I’ll write about my strategy to keeping my tiny home clean.