Magic Wrap Skirt Danger Zones

While I often wear EGL fashion, convertible clothing also has my heart.

I have three Earthbound ‘upcycled silk sari magic wrap skirts’ I’ve gotten over the past couple years and I love them. But now, I’m trying to get more into different styles than just… skirt.

I think it’ll be a great way to make my wardrobe more versatile, and give me more fun things to slip into after work than just pajamas. EGL fashion isn’t a perfect versatile option as it has a fair number of layers. These skirts do not.

One thing I’ve noticed with a lot of styling videos online are how they don’t talk about where to put things like fabric tape or safety pins to prevent mishaps. This style I followed from a DGY video had two danger zones, one I’m pointing to and secured before heading out, the other… let’s just say I’m glad I wore some very long vintage style lace trimmed bloomers.


I’m making a video where I try a bunch of styles from various brands. I’ll point out things to make note of if one chooses to wear them in the many other advertised styles. Are there any you’re curious about? I’ll try it out and report back to you!

What skirt mishaps have y’all had?