Wastebasket Woes

My wastebasket of at least 12 years has finally died.

It’s been my ONLY trash can since I’ve moved into my camper two years ago, and it’s been falling apart and a touch stinky for at least a year now.

As I want to go zero waste, I’m not replacing it. I was hoping to go fully zero waste before this one died.

But I have so many plastic bags from before(far fewer) and after the global pandemic started(many more). So i just hung the bag on a random hook. 😅

I still need to declutter my toolbox, but here’s where I’ll put my trash, for now.

I average 1/2-3 of these little bags a week. The 3 is usually if I went out to eat or had company. I usually have one to two bags, as I’ve been decluttering, and discarding packaging for stuff.

I’d like to consistently get down to a half a bag a week, so I wrote today’s date on the bag. Let’s see how long it lasts!