Downsizing Crafting Supplies

In my continued attempts to downsize and declutter, I know I want to turn my tatting cupboard into a cupboard for all my crafting. But I dont want to wait until I use a ton of tatting yarn for it.

I know it’s not rolled in the most elegant way, but as I don’t work from the ball of thread(I’m stubbornly a fan of single shuttle tatting- it’ll be my undoing, or I’ll write a book with patterns šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø) but instead wind my thread to bobbins, this will work juuuuust fine.

Nearly all of my yarn is secondhand from thrift stores. I bought one spool when I was starting out, a few teeny tiny spools on clearance for around $1 each(a bargain I couldn’t resist), and a single lavendar spool when it became a very trendy color- well AFTER I decided it would be a color in my main palette. I don’t think I’ll buy more new rolls unless I can guarantee it’s ethically sourced(impossible) or it’s the perfect color for a gift for another.
Onto the next spool!