Ditching Plastic Shopping Bags

After COVID became a global concern, I got back into the habit of using plastic bags. Shame on me, for sure, but I’m going to break myself of this habit I slipped so effortlessly back into.

I bought a set of furoshiki on Ebay a while ago, specifically to wrap my work lunches in. But, I own six. Why can’t I keep them on hand for reusable shopping bags? All of my totes are too bulky and I’ve really been trying to keep any and all clutter out of my car.

I’ve seen people tie their scarves to their handbags to protect the handles and add a fun pop of color- surely I could do the same with a furoshiki?

After tying the furoshiki to one of my handbag’s handles, I see why people use their pretty and lightweight silk scarves. It was bulky, and felt uneven- and looked too homemade. It was cushioned nicely, so maybe good for a long day.

So I tried another method.

I’m still not feeling it. This is also too bulky to tie into a bow. So I took to Youtube, then Ecosia… then Google. Still no luck.

So I pulled out my book of Furoshiki tying techniques and still nothing. I did learn it’s ok to wear one as a scarf, and I will be taking advantage of that as I’ve decided to pass along most of my scarf collection.

Until I find a nice and aesthetically pleasing way of keeping it outside my bag, it will just be folded up in one of the side pockets, easily accessible and rather compact.