The Scrubbening Commences

So, as my camper interior is starting to remain in a state of less and less dirty/cluttered, and I’m cutting back more and more on Youtube and Netflix, I’m finding myself more at a loss of things to do than ever before, especially as I’m also trying to kick Facebook to the curb(mostly).

Then, yesterday, I noticed how filthy the outside of my camper is.

Outside showing the dirty/ clean seam.

But then, I psyched myself out, thinking it was going to be a massive undertaking. I assumed I’d need a power washer, and a bunch of time, but then it hit me.

One little bowl of soapy water with a washcloth + dish towel and doing the equivalent to a wall of a “room” each day, and it wouldn’t be very hard!

So today, I tackled the first little bit while having some videos about Zero Waste living play in the background. One wall of my living room(I consider the galley and living room as separate rooms when tidying inside, too). I’m extremely pleased with the change.

It’s a million miles from perfect(or rather about a month if it rains for ten days in the next 30), but it’s an improvement. As with all things, baby steps.

I’ll get the parts I can’t reach on my second pass. Not sure how happy my grandad will be about my borrowing the ladder for so long. 🤫