Solar Panel Woes

A few years ago I bought a solar panel at Harbor Freight. I used it in my car for a while but then just kinda stopped after I moved in my camper.

On Monday I decided to hang it in a window of my camper and it charged my little Bluetooth remote control for my iPod Touch. So, I hooked up my backup battery to it after a night of charging my iPad, thinking I might have a good way to use less electricity from the power plant, even if it’s only a teeny bit.

Charging my ipod used 9% of the battery’s juice, so I hooked it up, left it to charge for two full days, and this is what it said when I got home yesterday.

It had not charged at all. Such a bummer! It was flashing when I snapped the photo, acting like it was charging, but alas, it’s not moved a single percent.

I’m going to try putting it back in my car, behind the rear seat headrests and rear view window, as that’s where I used to keep it(there’s a flat spot so it won’t impede my vision), but it could be that this bigger battery won’t register a trickle charge- hopefully moving it will give it more energy.

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