Solar Panel Success!

As you know, I had some issues getting my solar panel to charge my backup battery.

I intended to put the panel in my car, where it might be able to catch more sun laying flat in the rear window of my car… but I totally forgot on Friday when I left to visit my partner.

When I got home last night(Saturday night) I didn’t pay it any mind, but this morning I noticed something. The battery was full!

Thinking yesterday was simply extra sunny, I plugged in my old iPod touch, and it took to charging too!

So I made a little bag for it to settle into and not strain the iPod cord- I don’t want to prematurely wear out cables. Bad cable handling is a wasteful behavior.

The power bank’s display is apparently one of those that dances around in a camera- but you can see here, it’s topped off and the iPod is charging! I’m totally jazzed right now.