I’m hungry for more eco living memoirs that I can listen to as audiobooks.

I finally managed to compile a list of reccomendations from other sustainability minded folks- I joined a few online groups and asked around. But there’s another problem. Nearly none of them are audiobooks.

I have thosebxredits piling up and I want to use them on something that will bring me value.

The memoir on sustainability lends itself excellently to listening. I prefer to save my DIY books and informational books to reading because I can only listen to literal recipes, the names of websites stated like “www dot…”, and statistics for a short while before I wind up tuning out the book entirely.

I’m feeling frustration about this, my audible credits are piling up and I’m pretty sure my podcast cohost doesn’t want to record our podcast anymore. She doesn’t bring it up when we’ve talked lately, even when we’ve gotten together in person to record at some point in our seeing each other. Couple that with the fact weve barely spoken these past three weeks. Bad tapes are telling me she’s avoiding me, so I’m not sure what to do there. I’m afraid to even ask out of my fear of coming across as overbearing, needy, and guilt-tripping.

If I had known she wanted to bail out of the podcast so soon, I wouldn’t have resubscribed to Audible- I did so exclusively out of my inability to keep up the pace with sitting and reading.

So now I need some good eco books that will be an enjoyable listen.