Shed Shelf!

When I moved onto this property, the owners were kind enough to let me have a shelf in one of their shelves for storing off season stuff and odds and ends.

I wish I had taken a before photo. My stuff ended up getting left on the floor because the shed became so overrun with things that were… not necessarily mine.

I’m really proud of my after! I’m getting rid of a few unnecessary things, and now my folding bicycle is easily accessible right along with my listed items and packing materials. The unlisted things are in a massive picnic basket but that is now hiding under my bed. As I sell off things from the shed box I’ll have more room to list more things! Once all the things are listed the two containers will be free!

What will I store in them? 🤔

Off-season clothing, for sure!

In the other box, spare clean linens and off season blankets!

In the picnic basket will be sewing stuff. I think my sewing machine will fit in it. Either way, I don’t trust it to be exposed to bugs, I trust the plastic storage containers for those more.

I will note that my bass guitar lives on a stand in the camper, not in the shed case.

Maybe, when I find that key to the basement part of my camper I’ll put it in the storage case and store it there(relatively temperature controlled). It’ll be easy to pull out and access for jam sessions with friends and my sister. I don’t play it terribly regularly but it’s fun to play around with.

If I’m going to write about her, I may as well show her off.

I don’t want to let her go because I was able to score this 5 string beauty for less than $80 and she fits in my hands perfectly. 5 strings, from what I’ve heard, tend to be hard to use with smaller hands.