Ordered a Photo Album

I’ve been hanging onto a handful of photos with nowhere to put them.

I decided it was finally time to find a way to properly store them.

When I was a kid I found a photo album just like this but I donated it years ago, never expecting to need it. I still though it was beautiful, so I looked for another one just like it. And yes, I secretly find a lot of Precious Moments things cute. Don’t tell anyone. That’s exactly how one ends up with a ton of knick knacks for the holidays.

But then, I got in my own head and decided it would be too weird to have photos with friends in a book that had a couples sort of vibe, however young and innocent seeming. So I poked around a bit more and decided on this one.

It’s cheaper than the cheapest listing of the other one, and it doesn’t have an exclusive vibe for a couple or friendships, so if a friend or my partner flips through it, it wouldn’t be that weird.

It’s also incredibly adorable(totally subjective, I know) and I treasure the little girl in solitude. This will be a great place to store and reflect on all my photos and good memories.

Making a photo album wasn’t a project I had mindfully thought about, but I kept having to put off deciding what to do with them as I’d go through paperwork.

Now, once it arrives, those photos will have a home and that subconscious project will be off my mind.

I have tried digitizing photos before, but those get lost in the aether if they don’t get posted to Instagram. These are photos I want to keep for myself, they don’t need to be posted. Take that photo on top. That’s my cousin Matthew when he and his dad lived with my folks(I was around ten or eleven). My mommom gave me that Harry Potter journal- long before Rowling outed herself as transphobic- and I thought it was so fun to make him look like he was reading Harry Potter.

Then, there’s meetup photos, and photo booth photos with my partner and friends and a few from photography class that I adore.

They don’t belong online as regular posts. Whe I die, it’s ok for the photos to be discarded and the book sold off. The album is just for me.