EGL and Sustainability

Edit: I just realized I made this post sound like this blog is entirely dead! It isn’t- I’ve just been more focused on trying to live sustainably.

I haven’t written here for the past few months because I am currently more focused on living sustainably.

It’s important to me, to live my values. I hate to say it, but a lot of humor has left my life. I don’t feel most things are funny anymore, but I am feeling happier on a larger scale.

I’m not perfect at living to my values, but I am working to improve bit by bit.

EGL fashion is surprisingly sustainable, versus many other fashion styles. This is namely because of our widespread acceptance with buying secondhand. The lolitas who are against buying used are generally new to the fashion and coming from the “used is dirty and gross” mindset common in a lot of people who primarily buy fast fashion- I’ve even seen it in people I used to call friends.

Note: If you often buy secondhand for sustainability or ethical reasons, don’t surround yourself with people who regularly claim buying used is gross and dirty. This may aid you in betraying your values to fit in. This will result in conflicting feelings, happiness from fitting in, but also guilt from going against your values.

Learn from my mistakes, get away from those people, they’ll only lower your self-esteem as you make purchases against your values.

Now, my closet is greatly minimized. But, there are still plenty of things for sale. I have even more to list! If you are interested in my old EGL, vintage, or other alternative style clothes for sale, check out my Poshmark here.

Where to find me right now:

If you want to check out my blog about sustainable living, check out my blog

I’ve also been cooking more, so I’m also posting bento to my old bento blog:

I also just started a doll photostory at but as I only have one chapter up, I’ll note it could be dead by the time you check it out.

My new Instagram handle is @bentobuff, if you’d like to contact me.

Maybe I’ll streamline everything into this site, but I don’t know. My sustainability journey blog, among others, doesn’t feel like it fits the tone of Thrifted Luxe.

There’s also issues with the site. Each and every post has “Allow comments” enabled, but it doesn’t show on wordpress or the blog, on mobile or PC. So it limits interactivity, which upsets me. I don’t know when it stopped working, or how to fix it.

I’m also hanging out in various Facebook EGL groups, maybe I’ll see you around.


  1. Great post! I don’t wear lolita fashion, but I think my wardrobe is like 98% second hand. I used to care when I was younger about what people said but as I’ve gotten older I could care less. Lol Also it’s great how passionate you are about sustainability! I’m into decluttering and anti haul stuff but I’d say I’m still a newbie at it. I’ll for sure check out your other blog and follow. ā˜ŗļø

    • Woah, how were you able to comment? I haven’t been able to figure out how to make the comment field show back up on posts šŸ˜³

      And agreed. The people who used to make me feel bad for buying used and made me feel like I needed to buy new to not be seen as low-key disgusting by them removed themselves from my life and I’m so much better off. It gave me space in my life to spend time cultivating friendships with people who share my values, and as a result I’m better able to live by them!

      And yooo, I’ve been decluttering for a long while but after getting my home decluttered enough to be tidy at the beginning of the new year, I’ve gone back in for a deeper decluttering. I’ll check out your blog too! šŸ„°

      • Well I used the wordpress app to comment. I’m not sure if that made a difference? šŸ˜®

        And that’s great! Yeah it’s good you dont have friends like that anymore! My friends, which I dont have many, lol, they dont care and buy second hand as well. When i was a kid some relatives would complain to my mom about buying us second hand clothes… and a couple years ago when i visited them they apparently shop second hand as well now and were acting like they never told us things as kids. šŸ˜‘

        That’s cool! Your home is gonna be super clean, decluttered, and tidy!šŸ˜ and thank you so much!

        • Maybe it is the app versus the desktop! Maybe I need to hire someone to look into that. šŸ¤”
          And oh man that grinds my nerves too! The fact that they can’t acknowledge that y’all were right about how awesome secondhand can be- and I’m willing to bet they even outright denied y’all telling them about thrifting before. šŸ˜‚

          And that’s the goal! I’d love to move from a 20+ foot camper down to a 16′ Bambi airstream, but Im a LONG way away from that! šŸ¤«

          • Yeah you should look into it then because that’s annoying you weren’t able to see comments.

            Haha yeah they acted like that never happened. Yet they were like omg you can find so many things. I think they probably just didnt like us as much. Lol but I dont really care. šŸ˜‹

            Oh wow! I don’t know much about campers but googled it and that’s cool! I’m sure you can do it! šŸ˜

          • Hehe 198 sq ft to 128, it’s gonna be a challenge, especially wearing EGL!

            And oof, yeah, probably the case but thankfully family are usually easily avoidable.

          • Ok I can see how it be a change! That is gonna be a challenge! If I may, can I ask why you want to downgrade in size? šŸ˜® It sounds interesting. Haha

            True! Haha

          • To have a camper I could actually tow, if the need came about. I can’t do that with my huge one šŸ˜…

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