My 10 Item lifestyle EGL Capsule Wardrobe

The idea is all Jennifer Scott’s, from her book Lessons from Madame Chic. This is merely my application of her idea in my life.

I’ve seen many people asking how to do a minimalist lolita wardrobe, and this is my perspective on it for now. Maybe next season I’ll try a different system, like Project 333, who knows?

So what am I keeping in mind for my ten item wardrobe, including my lolita fashion for the season?

Ten core items(not accessories!). Three main styles. One main aesthetic.


  1. EGL(lolita fashion)
  2. Flowy Upcycled Wrap Skirts
  3. Machinist(work clothes)


Romantic feminine comfy

So this is how I set it up. In a few months, when I create my fall wardrobe I will do a follow up with things I’ve noticed, and what I’d consider changing for the next summer season.

  1. Long silk reversible sari wrap skirt (secondhand)
  2. Short reversible sari wrap skirt (can also be a top in certain styles, secondhand)
  3. pair of black jeans
  4. pair of mended black jeans(I need at LEAST two pairs a week for work)
  5. BTSSB JSK (print is my favorite things, secondhand from eBay)
  6. Bodyline JSK (princess rose cameo)
  7. Thrifted silk blouse with chest ruffle
  8. Thrifted Zara blouse with faux pearl sleeve details
  9. Vintage polyester blouse with intense chest ruffles
  10. Thrifted Black Juicy Couture blouse with modest chest ruffles

This will make for a sizable number of outfits, especially with the skirts being so multifunctional. Both are able to be reversed, the long one can become a dress and the mini can become a shirt. Most of the blouses go with my EGL JSKs, meaning effortless coording, with focus placed on accessories.

I suppose this means I need to start taking outfit photos, but I will turn that into a seasonal compilation post.


  1. This is so interesting! I’ve seen some videos on capsule wardrobes a while ago but don’t really know much about it. So you only wear these items for the season? If so, how interesting! It does seem like you can do a lot of different outfits with the ones you chose! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yup, until it starts to get cold! ๐Ÿ˜Š its a way of focusing on one’s absolute favorites. The statistic is we only wear 20% of what’s in our wardrobe, so this is my way of really analyzing it, even after selling off a LOT. ๐Ÿ˜

      And I did the math, it’s about 38 outfits, more if I do more than the basics with the wrap skirts and start adding knots or make the long one into a more kimono top. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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