Looking for Podcast Subjects

Some of you know I have a lolita fashion/egl themed podcast. When I created it, there weren’t any active EGL podcasts in existence and there still isn’t really, making for a huge hole in our community as a result.

In fact, I posted about the podcast undergoing a few changes here, but I wasn’t quite sure where I’d take it.

Now I know.

I want to start interviewing lolitas who do cool things for the community, whether it’s blogging, youtubing, running/founding local comms(even tiny ones are awesome!), write guides, create sewing tutorials, livestream, have an EGL related buisness, creates memes, or even simply supporting other lolitas by being a veteran regularly giving concrit.

If you’re a memember of the EGL community or you know of an excellent lolita candidate, please contact me to be interviewed yourself or you can reccomend other lolitas to be interviewed as well(since I know plenty of people are very humble). Let’s create something wonderful for our community.