EGL Coord, Wristcuffs, Post Office, Embroidery, Cross-stitching, Lace making, Peaches

This past week has been busy, to say the least. I finally finished sewing my wristcuffs!

I’m wearing the thinnest petticoat that could be compared to maybe a slip, but it’s easier to manage going to the doctor’s office.

I still need to sew a snap in place but I want decorations I can snap to them first.

Vintage velvet beret with a much newer “velvet” bow.

A freehand Gundam themed crossstitch-in-progress of my favorite suit. The original variation of the Banshee is simultaneously dorky but super cool, depending.

Peaches are in season! I put them in my silver bowl; the bowl really needs polishing.

This is a very important post to read. EGL would not be what it is today in the U.S. without the USPS. I encourage everyone to read it and help how they can.

Personally, I’ll be shipping out this super cute vintage train I found to my friend K. He lives in Japan, and adores trains. He also loves learning about American culture, so a piece of Americana like this is an awesome find.


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