This Hasn’t Been a “Kawaii” Week

I haven’t really had much of a chance to do much that is eco or in the vein of “lifestyle lolita.” I dropped off donations, decluttered some more, and poured every last drop of creative energy into my podcast(very lolita, but I wouldn’t count it for this post), started mending a Jane Marple cutsew, tidied like a madman, and have been obsessed with Lenny.

So. Many. Photos. And I can’t help but feel FOMO seeing everyone else with lovely bjd wigs. I must boil her other wigs to restyle them effectively.

I also decluttered all of the doll stuff, including my MSDs stuff.

I’m tempted to sell off my Iplehouse girl. She’s not a great poser, which makes taking photos can sometimes be a nuisance. I’m not sure what I want to replace her with but I have many months to sleep on it.