Giving up on Zero Waste Week

I had the whole week planned out, but true to my nature, I’m giving up. I had plans for a post for each day, and I was excited about it, but in the prep lead up time, things kept happening making that impossible.

No worries then, right? I can just write the posts the day of!

Wrong. Monday was fine but I still ran very late to visit my partner. Then Tuesday took far longer than anticipated and went out late as in right after midnight late- I got insufficient sleep. Things came up yesterday too, when I thought I’d have the afternoon as well.

My plans were:

  • Monday: podcast
  • Tuesday: sewing
  • Wednesday: capsule wardrobe
  • Thursday: zero/low waste cooking despite depression
  • Friday: my results following along with the official challenges

Late late late late. I once asked someone close to me what my biggest flaws were- so I could improve on them, and he told me I tend to give up when I’m not good at something.

Well, it’s not exactly a helpful zero waste week if I’m limping along and barely even able to do the things I want to share due to a combination of a lack of time and mental health.

So true to my personality I’m giving up. Maybe I’ll do Zero Waste Week next year, but I’ll keep chipping away at time improvements, regardless of that decision.

I’m heartbroken, I was so excited to make this a good jumping off point for not only others but also myself, yet I’m unable to deliver.

If I do it next year, I’ll certainly draft up and schedule every single post before I dare even announce it. Sure, nothing will be related to the official challenges, but it will at least ensure you will have something maybe of value.

That noted depression has really hit me hard this past two weeks. While I won’t quit the podcast or blogging, I’ll scale back to two posts a week- a podcast and a written post. I thought I could manage three, sharing the podcast of the week and a blog post more emphasizing EGL and all the fun lifestyle elements and another for sustainability but that’s also proved tricky as the two are deeply linked in my life.